The Fastest Streaming on Earth

Millicast is for those who want their live video delivered in real-time, sub-second latency to audiences of any size.

System Workflow


* The exchange rate is subject to change, based on the remittance rate retrieved from Woori Bank on the day of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there special bandwidth and storage limitations with the free Trial plan?

Yes, with the free Trial plan, your CDN bandwidth is limited to 50GB per month and the Video Archive feature

is disabled. You can remove these limitations at any time by simply upgrading to a paid plan.

2. What are Max Concurrent Viewers?

This is the total number of individual devices accessing your Millicast stream for both publishing and viewing. Additional streams will be automatically rejected.

3. What is Included CDN Bandwidth?

Included CDN Bandwidth is the total amount of bandwidth included per month with your Millicast pricing plan 

for no additional cost. This bandwidth is used when publishing and delivering your streams to your viewers. 

4. What is Additional CDN Bandwidth?

This is cost for bandwidth used over the Included CDN Bandwidth of your Millicast pricing plan.

Bandwidth overages are automatically billed at the end of your monthly billing cycle and are charged at the per 

GB rate corresponding to your pricing plan. You can avoid bandwidth overage fees by upgrading your account 

prior to the end of your monthly billing cycle. 

5. What is Video Archive?

The Video Archive feature allows you to record and store your video streams as MP4 files on the Millicast cloud.

6. How am I billed for Video Archiving?

Video Archive prices are billed hourly, calculated over a period of 1 month. 

It will be charged according to the additional CDN bandwidth fee according to the plan you use. 

7. What is Turn Server Relay?

Turn server relay is necessary for WebRTC connectivity through complex networks and firewalls that would 

have otherwise prevented any media transmission over WebRTC protocols. 

An average of 15%-30% of all WebRTC transmissions require TURN relay. This functionality is included by 

default with your Millicast service.

8. What is OBS Studio for Millicast?

OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) is the open-source standard for live, HD video broadcasting. 

Millicast has extended OBS to support WebRTC and the Millicast platform and provide this to you free of charge.

9. What are iOS and Android SDKs?

These are Software Development Kits that enable developers to quickly and easily integrate Millicast into native

iOS and Android applications. Currently Millicast provides SDKs for Javascript and React Native.

10. What are Delivery Regions?

These are the geographic regions which Millicast can deliver the lowest possible latency to your viewers based 

on the distance of our edge servers and the end-viewers. All production Millicast accounts utilize our entire 

global network and streams are automatically routed to and from the region closest to the publisher and viewer.

11. What is the minimum billing term?

1 month. However, quarterly and annual billing options are available, please contact 

for more information.

12. What are Total Viewer Minutes?

This is the total combined number of minutes consumed by your viewers. For example, if you broadcast 

1 stream for 5 minutes and you had 2 viewers, that would be a total of 10 Viewer Minutes. 

With Millicast, you are only billed for bandwidth. 

13. Can I upgrade or downgrade the plan at any time?

Yes, your plan can be upgraded or downgraded at any time without penalties if you feel you have too little 

or too much resources for your needs. All you have to do is pay the difference that occurs when you change it.