aims to connect all the knowledge and

events in the world.

Pythagraph is a data platform that collects all content that can be

expressed in numbers and explores the relationship between them.

You can find the data just like you find videos on YouTube, merge them with each other, or change perspectives, find hidden relationships and discover new facts.

Number can cross space-time and language barriers.

Everything is interconnected and Pythagraph is making the way.

Pythagraph - RED Features

1. Numeric Search

The numerical search engine (Columbus) lets you search for similar and correlated data stored on the portal site. You can easily discover new insights that you couldn't find with just keyword searches.

3. Merge, Overlay

Merging or overlaping both data is possible just by 'drag and drop'.

5. Visualization

Provides around 30 visualization charts, including map templates that drills in cities, counties, districts, and metropolitan city.

2. Relay

Communicate data easily between portals through mutual authentication. Individual companies and institutions can operate independent graph portals and share data without physical exchange of data, system integration, or data standardization.

4. Dimension, Level change

Change the dimension and hierarchy of data with one button.

6. Link and Share

It's possible to set the data sharing to limited, public or private, and supports social media, image, link, and API that's being used. Supports manual input, file upload, data mart (DM) connections, and AI-based web crawler.